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Gary Richter, MS, DVM

Gary Richter is certified in veterinary acupuncture and veterinary chiropractic. As the owner and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care, Dr. Richter understands the benefits of both conventional and holistic treatment methods. His professional goal is to provide a center where pets can receive effective holistic therapies integrated with the treatment and care from their general practice veterinarian. He also places great emphasis on the well-being of the pet owner, knowing that a sick pet can cause great strain and strong emotions.

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Lisa Koenig, DC Applied Kinesiology

Lisa Koenig is board certified in Applied Kinesiology and practices chiropractic medicine and applied kinesiology on human and animal patients. Applied Kinesiology is a specific form of diagnosis using muscle testing as the primary feedback mechanism. Muscle testing facilitates communication between the animal’s brain and body and helps evaluate their structural, nutritional, and mental health needs. Lisa utilizes Applied Kinesiology, nutritional counseling, chiropractic care and food sensitivity testing to diagnose and treat her patients. Her goal is to provide, educate, and advocate health and wellness for families and their animals.

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Kaylah Sterling, M.Ed., MTOM, L.Ac., Acupuncture

Kaylah is a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) practitioner. Kaylah previously served as Clinic Dean of American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Director of Integrative Medicine at The Jewish Home for the Aged. She presently works at the college (ACTCM) as Professor, Clinic Supervisor, and has a private practice as well. Kaylah graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1995 and has been practicing acupuncture on human and animal patients for twenty years. Kaylah, a trained educator, will offer nutritional, behavioral, life style suggestions to maximize your animal’s health, well being and happiness.

Kaylah uses gentle relaxation techniques to comfort you and your animal before and during acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture, herbs, and medical massage is highly successful for a host of medical conditions for animals including: emotional issues (fear, anxiety, behavioral afflictions), seizures, immune support, musculo-skeletal pains, upper respiratory/gastro-intestinal/uro-genital medical disorders, side affects from necessary medications, and is also used to maintain health to keep your animal feeling energetic as they age. Agility dogs gain great benefit from acupuncture to nourish muscles, and relieve tight connective tissue, sprains and tightness from sports competition. Kaylah’s extensive years of service using acupuncture in hospice will afford you and your pet the smoothest transition possible during this most difficult end of life passage.

Dr. Amy Crain

Dr. Amy Crain received her BVMS from the University of Glasgow and her CVA (Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist) from the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL. Dr. Crain is interested in all forms of pet healing and wellness and is currently working towards certification in veterinary nutrition and Physical Therapy. At home she has two animals: her cat, John Cougar Meloncat (Johnny), and a Frenchie named Timber. Miraculously, they were both born on the same day! While these are her only current pets, Doctor Crain also used to have an Ornate Box Turtle named Bert. 

In her free time, Dr. Crain is a devout runner (she’s been doing it for 25 years!) and competes at an elite level in the half and full marathons. As if that weren’t active enough, she has also recently taken up cycling. Aside from exercise, Amy also enjoys cooking, camping, and music. Before moving out to the Bay Area, Dr. Crain lived and worked in Manhattan for 13 years. She was born in Cooperstown (home of the baseball Hall of Fame) in upstate New York.

Dr. Noel Crymble, BVSc, BSc, BA, LLB – Veterinary Homeopathy

Dr. Noel Crymble comes from New Zealand where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science,   and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from Massey University’s school of veterinary medicine in 2013.

A former legal officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force,      Dr. Crymble decided to change careers from lawyer to veterinarian to satisfy his love of animals and to make an impact on their health and welfare. It was during his time as a veterinary student, that Dr. Crymble saw the limitations of conventional medicine, and so developed an interest in holistic veterinary care.

Dr. Crymble’s specialty is veterinary homeopathy, and he has completed the year-long Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy (the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy’s qualifying course in the United States) taught by Dr. Richard Pitcairn, DVM. Dr. Crymble strongly believes that homeopathy, combined with nutritional support, can restore animals to health and vitality in acute and chronic cases.

Dr. Crymble is a member of:

  • The California Veterinary Medical Association
  • The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
  • The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
  • The International Association of Veterinary Homeopaths

To make an appointment with Dr. Crymble, please email him directly at dr.n.crymble@gmail.com or call him at 510-560- 5494.

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