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Swimming For Fun and Exercise


It is not always easy for pet owners to get out to Point Isabelle to allow their dogs to get in the water, never mind getting them cleaned up afterwards. Our swimming pool is open for pets who would like to get in a little exercise or just enjoy a nice swim.

Benefits of swimming:
Water reduces the risk of injury or re-injury of ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones by eliminating compressive forces on the healing structure. Swimming increases strength and cardiovascular endurance. The warm pool water will help increase circulation and nerve conductivity for muscle recruitment and range of motion.

Orthopedic conditions:
Osteoarthritis: Dogs with OA can develop joint pain and stiffness when cartilage overlying bones begins to wear away. Swimming unloads compressive forces on joints, which will decrease pain and discomfort.

Post surgical knee surgeries:  Swimming can be used to increase knee flexion. It is important for dogs to gain enough bend in their knees so they can move, sit and lie down comfortably.

Elbow injuries: Dogs rely heavily on their forelimbs to keep afloat which makes swimming an ideal low impact with high resistance exercise. Elbow dysplasia, carpal conditions and shoulder injuries will benefit by gaining more range of motion and increasing strength.

Common knee surgeries:
TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy)
TTA (Trans-tibial advancement)
Lateral Suture Repair.

Common hip surgeries:
FHO: Femoral Head Osteotomy
Total Hip Replacements
Surgical fracture repair

Other conditions:
Immune Mediated Poly-arthritis decreases stress on affected joints through buoyancy.

Neurologic Conditions:
Water resistance exercise such as swimming can help slow the progression of Degenerative Myelopathy by strengthening and increasing limb awareness. Dogs with limited limb movement due to neurological injury can also benefit from swimming.

Geriatric Care and Conservative management:
Senior dogs and patients with non-surgical injuries can also benefit greatly from swimming. The warm water and buoyancy keep even the most fragile canines active and happy.

Teach your dog to swim!
Search and rescue dogs can learn to swim in a safe environment.

A good game of fetch in the water will help keep plump doggies trim and happy.
Adding jets to the pool is a great way to progress a strengthening program.


Pool Rate Sheet For Dogs

Pool time is available by reservation. Rates for swimming are listed below. Feel free to give our front desk a call to schedule a swim for your dog.

Accompanied Swim: An swim tech is in the pool with the dog

  • $55 for 25 minutes
  • Swimmers will be rinsed before and after swimming by our staff

NOTE: Owners are welcome poolside while the dog swims. Due to insurance regulations, only Holistic Veterinary Care employees are allowed in the pool. Sorry, no exceptions.