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Category: Blog

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If you have ever lost your most prized possession, you’re going to love My Pet Lives On!

Imagine turning the tragedy of your loss into a beautiful memory that provides life and helps the grieving process for you and your entire family.

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By Clay Jackson

Is there a better way to remember a dearly departed pet than to put its ashes in a fancy vase (urn) and place the pairing on a mantel or tabletop?
Sensing an opportunity, The Pet Concierge, an online supplier of pet health products and services, began My Pet Lives On earlier this year to start distributing the Bios Urn for the first time in the U.S. Estudimoline, a product design company, in Barcelona, Spain, manufactures the Bios Urn.

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Dr. Gary Richter was interviewed by FOX News about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a treatment modality that aims to treat some of the toughest medical conditions.

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Some people may not know this, but Holistic Veterinary Care is more than a vet hospital! We also have a retail area that highlights treats, collars and leashes, natural grooming products and much more. In particular, our treats are popular because they are all natural, free of fillers, and a lot of them are locally sourced. We carry such brands as Bark Stix, Wiley’s, and Primal, to name a few.

One treat that we recently started carrying is called Naturals Super Breath Dog Dental Bone. Along with a proper diet and regular dental care, these bones are great treats that dogs love and you will love because they freshen breath. They contain kelp, rosemary, and chlorophyll and are easily digestible.

We also carry toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs and cats. While you may think it is impossible to brush your pet’s teeth, the process can be a smooth one when using the right products. Many toothpastes contain flavoring like chicken or malt that almost tricks pets into thinking they are getting a treat (emphasis on the word almost). Regular brushing of your pet’s teeth helps prevent serious problems that can occur down the road so don’t forget about your pets teeth!




Take a deep breath

Somewhere in northern California, a tiny dog is still prancing around on four paws thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Unbeknownst to the dog’s owner, a piece of string had become wrapped around his paw, hidden in the dog’s dense fur.

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